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Electronics Recycling


Since 1999, SWANCC has provided environmentally-responsible recycling for end-of-life computers and electronics.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency ( – since the late 1990s, electronics or E-Waste has been the fastest-growing component of the municipal waste stream.  Additionally, the National Resources Defense Council ( cautions that some of the materials in personal electronics, such as lead, mercury and cadmium, are hazardous and can release dangerous toxins into our air and water when burned or deposited in landfills improperly.  Also throwing away metal components, like the copper, gold, silver and palladium in cell phones and other electronics, leads to needless mining for new metals.

On January 1, 2012, Illinois became the sixteenth state to adopt an electronics recycling law known as the Electronics Products Recycling and Reuse Act

This legislation prohibits residents from landfilling select electronics.  See bolded items on the Acceptable Materials list to the right.

All other broken/unwanted electronics can be thrown away in the garbage if they cannot be donated for reuse.

To assist residents with collecting old electronics and ensure environmentally-safe recycling, the Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County (SWANCC) contracts with COM2 Recycling Solutions to provide the permanent, semi-permanent and one-day drop-off locations listed below. Also, some communities provide for electronics recycling as part of their regular garbage pickup.  Contact your community for more information.

Under the Illinois Environmental Protection Act, no electronics can be accepted from municipalities, schools, businesses and institutions.  Please see the Agency’s Green Pages Directory for recyclers.

As part of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency’s 2013 Electronics Reuse and Recycling Grant, SWANCC developed the video at the top right to educate Cook County residents about the Electronics Law.

For reuse or recycling options for home appliances and other electronics that are not covered under the Electronics Products Recycling and Reuse Act, please see SWANCC’s Green Pages.

Additional Resources:

Also see: SWANCC's Green Pages: Reuse and Recycling Directory provides additional options for electronics recycling.

Permanent Drop-Off Locations:

The following communities will host permanent electronics locations for residents who live in any SWANCC member community. Collection locations will be closed on national holidays. IDs will be checked for verification of residency in a SWANCC member community. Please note that SWANCC residents are able to participate in any event, regardless of location.

Glenview Transfer Station
1151 N River Road, Des Plaines
Across from the Maryville Academy
Saturdays: 9:00 am - 11:30 am
Closed: November 26, 2016 and December 24, 2016
Winnetka Public Works 
1390 Willow Road
Thursdays: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Closed: November 24, 2016

Hoffman Estates Village Hall 
1900 Hassell Road
Mondays: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm 
Closed for season as of November 22, 2016 until further notice
Mount Prospect Public Works 
1700 W Central Road 
Wednesdays: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm 
Closed for season as of October 27, 2016 until further notice
Do not drop off electronics other than during posted dates and times. Thank you for your cooperation.

One-Day Drop-off Events

Events for 2017 will be posted here in April 2017.

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