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Grant Information compiled by the Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County - please check each one for details.


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Once you have established goals and objectives for the club, make an appointment with your principal to share your terrific ideas. 

  • Write a mission statement or purpose to stay focused.
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Recycling is important, it saves energy, water and conserves natural resources, as well as reduces the amount of waste going to landfills. Recycling can be beneficial to your school by cutting down on garbage disposal costs and making students and faculty aware of environmental concerns. It also allows individuals to demonstrate responsibility by reducing waste instead of creating it. 


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In general, landfills are composed of a series of layers designed to isolate the buried garbage from the surrounding environment. This activity incorporates what goes into creating a landfill with yummy goodies that will be sure to keep a student's attention!

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Objective: Students will construct a pizza that represents the percentage of materials thrown away in our garbage each day. Students will describe the composition of the waste stream, identify items within each category and the amount of the total waste stream each component comprises.

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