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Communities that are members of the Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County (SWANCC) offer programs for materials that have reusability, recyclability, or need to be disposed of in an environmentally-safe manner.  Only residents from SWANCC-member communities are invited to participate and may utilize any drop-off location.  IDs will be checked for proof of residency.

In an effort to conserve resources and support markets, SWANCC provides information of what can be recycled both curbside and in special niche programs and how to prepare the materials.  Contact Village or City staff for confirmation of recyclable materials in your town.

The Agency provides up-to-date resources in an effort to enlighten municipal staff, residents, educators, and organizations on ways to minimize wasted resources through reduce, reuse, and recycle practices.

The Agency provides numerous waste reduction resources for municipalities, schools, businesses, and institutions to minimize waste, recover resources, and potentially save money. For items that can be reused/donated, or cannot go into the garbage due to toxicity or recoverability, be sure to see the Agency’s Green Pages Reuse and Recycling Directory.

The Glenview Transfer Station is available to commercial and landscape contractors and other commercial entities for the disposal of landscape and solid waste. The transfer station is equipped with scales and all loads are weighed. There is a minimum charge for construction and landscape waste which includes the first 500 pounds of material.


Residents may also bring refuse and debris to the transfer station. You will be required to unload your own vehicle. No landscape waste will be accepted from residents. There is a minimum charge for first 1000 pounds of material. White goods such as refrigerators, washers, and dryers may be disposed of on a fee per item basis.

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