Junk Mail

Direct Marketing Association
et preferences for mail you want to receive and mail you don't. Also features an option for removing your email from
national lists.

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
This link provides information about removal from a variety of junk mail lists, such as the following:
• Mailing lists of major national marketers
• Direct Marketing Association’s Mail Preference Service
• Flyers and advertising supplements
• Catalog, mail order lists and magazines
• Pre-approved offers of credit
• Phone books and reverse directories
• US Postal Service and change of address data file
• Charities and non-profits
• Sweepstakes and prizes
• Supermarket loyalty cards
• Public records
• Data compilers and mailing list companies

Trusted ID Mail Preference Service (Catalog Choice)
Free service that lets you communicate your mail preferences to companies.

Updated 10-16-18