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Books, Media and Teaching Tools for Loan

SWANCC offers a selection of books, videos, curriculum-based activities and hands-on teaching tools for loan to area schools and community groups. Items can be picked up at SWANCC’s Wheeling office at 77 W. Hintz Road, Suite 200, on Monday after 9:00 am and must be returned to SWANCC’s office by Friday at 4:00 pm. To make arrangements, contact Mary Allen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (847) 724-9205 extension 204.

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Teaching Tools

SWANCC has several kits available to members to borrow for educational purposes. They are perfect for classroom settings, scout groups, environmental clubs, after school activities, art classes, or for a display case.






Sustainable Products Kit: Contained in an 18-gallon recycling bin made, in part, from recycled #2 HDPE plastic, the kit is filled with more than 60 products made from recycled-content or sustainable materials. All items in the kit are labeled (whenever possible) with product name, material content, name of manufacturer, distributor or retailer and website.






Paper-Making Kit: The kit includes everything but scraps of construction paper to make recycled paper with a group, large or small. This hands-on lesson is a wonderful opportunity for students to experience the process of reprocessing. Using scraps of existing paper to make new paper also demonstrates the concept of closed-loop recycling. Use this teaching-tool as part of a lesson or as a stand-alone activity.




PETE's Pack: The National Association for PET Container Resources (NAPCOR) developed an educational kit called PETE's Pack that can be used as an easy, stand-alone display or as a hands-on, interactive presentation. Contents include a binder of information about PET (#1 plastic screw-top bottles), samples of PET bottles (including several preforms - empty cylinders that will be made into new bottles), new PET plastic pellets, recycled PET plastic pellets, recycled PET fiber, a PET flake and a float-sink display and a t-shirt and carpet sample made of recycled PET fiber - all stored in a mini-bin container made from 100% recycled PET plastic.


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