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September/October Craft from Trash and Tip


Back to School Pencil Holders

What you need:

Aluminum Can - empty, clean, free from sharp edges

Colored Paper and/or Colored Tape

Glue or glue dots


Markers, stickers, other decorations

What you do:

Measure colored paper (strips or one piece) to wrap around can. If using you tape, you can cut as you go. Next cover the can. Adhere paper with glue or glue dots (these work well because there is no drying time). Decorate with stickers, color with markers, or add any details you like. Fill with pencils and pens for school.


Packing lunches and snacks is part of the back to school routine. But did you know that "Americans waste enough food every day to fill a 90,000 seat football stadium" (USDA - United States Department of Agriculture). While not all that is in lunchrooms or cafeterias, there are several ways we can reduce food waste at school and in the lunchrooms. Of course if your school recycles and composts you are off to a good start. But reducing the amount of food and packaging that goes into lunchboxes and bags is the first place to start. Be realistic. Parents know how much their children can eat so lunchtime is not exception. Limit portion sizes and limit the options - no more than three things to eat. Gentle reminders as teachers to parents about this is helpful. If you have a cafeteria or food service provider ask them to do the same - less food, less packaging, fewer options. And if you are able to do a Lunchroom Waste Audit it is a great way to see how much is wasted every day - plastics, paper, aluminum, excess packaging, and of course, food.

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