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May/June Recycled Craft from Trash and Tip


Milk Jug School Supply Holder

The end of the school year means locker, desk and classroom clean outs. Rather than throw supplies away or send items home in student’s backpacks or bags, why not consider a useful and fun way for leftover supplies to go home with students.

What you need:

Milk Jug – gallon; cleaned and dried
Empty Soup cans or plastic cups (optional)
Optional – permanent markers, stickers, foam shapes to decorate, colored tape

What you do:

Be sure milk jug is clean and dry. Cut out the front top ¼ of jug leaving the handle and lower half of jug intact. Cups or cans can be placed in side to hold items if you chose. Decorate with stickers, tape, etc. Fill with leftover school supplies – pens, pencils, crayons, scissors, and more.



Every school ends the school year with extra school supplies. Avoid making that the largest waste day at your school. Consider donating new or barely used items to a charity or less privileged school, save items for next year, or send home items with your students. Make cleaning out desks and lockers a fun and rewarding end-of-the-school year activity. If the entire school is behind it, the clean out becomes a highly visible activity and saves good items from being thrown into the garbage. Plus, it promotes 3 R’s plus 1 = reduce, reuse, recycle and respect. For old and used items recycle everything you can. For example, markers can be recycled with Crayola ColorCycle where they will be repurposed. Visit Marker Recycling to learn more. And to find out how to organize a clean-out at your school and read success stories of other local schools see SWANCC locker-clean-out.


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You are here: Home Education Early Childhood Creative Corner May/June Recycled Craft from Trash and Tip