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July/August Recycled Craft from Trash and Tip


Plastic Bottle Wind Chimes

Reusing plastic bottles is a fun summer craft that will look pretty hanging outside your home too.

What you need:

Plastic bottle - Gatorade or energy drink bottles work well.

Acryclic paint - many colors

Paint brushes


Hole punch

Twine or fishing line

Chime decorations: beads, buttons, cut straws, old keys, or other metal pieces (heavy piece at end makes great sound!)

Sharp tool to poke hole (adults only)

  • What you do:

To begin, cut off the top part of the bottle. Then on newspapers, use the paint to color the bottle as you like. While the bottle is drying, cut twine about 8-10 inches (or as long as you want) in strips or chimes. Cut as many as you want hanging from your wind chime plus one for center chime. Begin stringing beads, buttons, and metal pieces (at end) to chime but leave about 2 inches for tying. After bottle is dry, punch holes in top of bottle - evenly spaced and as many as you have made chimes. Poke a hole in bottom of bottle - use a drill or sharp tool (adults only!) and attach a center chime. Tie all chimes to bottle. Center chime can be tied on by knotting the twine with a bead so it will not fall through. Using this same center hole, add more twine or leave extra from center chime - to hang. 


According to Ban the Bottle Americans use about 50 billion plastic water bottles but only recycle about 20 percent. This means about 38 billion plastic water bottles are wasted each year. Another way to think about it is the average American uses 167 water bottles, but recycles only 38.3. Using resuable water bottles not only cuts back on the waste but saves resources and energy. About 17 million barrels of oil are used each year to make the amount of water bottles we use. That's enough to fuel 1.3 million cars for a year and enough energy to power 190,000 homes. If you do not already recycle at home or at your school, now is the time to start. For tips begin here swancc establish-recycling. Or "ban the bottle" at your home, work place or school and encourage everyone to use reusable water bottles instead. Making the craft above is one of many ways to reuse water bottles too.

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