January/February Craft from Trash and Tip


Egg Carton Math Games

What you need:

Egg Carton (empty!)

1 or 2 dice - depending on age of players and counting skills

Counters: pennies, pom poms, beads, dried beans

Markers or crayons

What you do:

Color and decorate the outside of your egg carton if you like. There are 2 ways to play.1) For younger players - roll the dice (or die) and put that number of counting items in the first cup. Then go to the second cup. If you play with a partner, you can each take a row and take turns. See who gets the most counters after the row of 6 cups. Or 2) Using a marker, write numbers 1-12. Follow the rules of "Shut the Box". Using 2 die, player rolls put that number of counters in the corresponding cup or split the die. For example, roll a 1 and 3. Player can put a counter in the 1 cup and 3 cup or add them and put in the 4 cup. Again, you can alternate with a partner. If older students are playing you can make it more difficult using subtraction or multiplication, just adjust the cup numbers.


Make 2017 the year you become part of the “solution” for our ailing planet.

Make one resolution to use SWANCC's Green-Pages-Directory. The guide is a useful resource for residents trying to find a place for items they no longer need. If you think “landfill” rather "garbage" when you throw something out, hopefully you’ll be reminded where your trash is really going. The Green Pages Directory is a great solution.

The directory lists reuse opportunities for books, clothing, office equipment, sporting goods, toys and other materials. The guide also provides information on various aspects of recycling and waste, featuring sections for appliances, batteries, construction debris, electronics, office machines, cartridges, metals, motor oil and many other items.

In addition there are several online avenues to divert materials from the waste stream such as freecycle.org, that are used to post items to be purchased or picked up for free.

Make your resolution part of a solution for our planet this year!

Get started now! You can find recycling opportunities in your community or nearby for holiday lights and styrofoam.