Reuse/Recycle Directory

Reuse/Recycle Directory

Find outlets for items that can be reused, recycled, or need safe disposal.

Chemical/Paint Disposal

Chemical/Paint Disposal

Household Chemical Waste (HCW) collections are conducted by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) and are available to all Illinois residents.

Recycling FAQs

Recycling FAQs

Find answers to questions about how to recycle or safely dispose of various items.

Transfer Station

Transfer Station

The Glenview Transfer Station is available to commercial and landscape contractors and other commercial entities for the disposal of landscape waste, solid waste, and construction debris.

According to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, single-use Alkaline batteries AAA, AA, C, D 6v & 9v are classified as "non-hazardous" and may be safely disposed with household trash. When possible, recycle Alkaline batteries to recover metals including zinc, manganese, brass and steel.

Lithium Primary and rechargeable Nickel Cadmium (NiCd), Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh), and Lithium-Ion batteries contain mercury and other heavy metals and according to the IEPA, should be recycled.   These batteries are found in cordless electronics like power tools, laptop and tablet computers, cell and cordless phones, as well as some toys, power banks, home security alarms, cordless vacuums, toothbrushes, and other devices that are plugged in an outlet to recharge the battery.

Because single-use Alkaline and Lithium batteries look amazingly similar, the best way to know is to read the label.  Always place individual Lithium batteries in a plastic zip baggie, wrap it in plastic film or tape the terminal end with duct or electrical tape before recycling or disposing in the garbage to eliminate the risk of sparking a fire. 

Call2Recycle partners with retail stores such as Best Buy, Home Depot and Lowes that accept lithium primary and rechargeable batteries only – NO alkaline batteries!  Go to to find a location and for more information. 

SWANCC sponsors a program for batteries.  Check with your Village/City to see if they collect these items from residents.

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