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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Agency consists of seven members of the Board of Directors. Executive Committee members are elected by the Board. Each member of the Executive Committee is entitled to one vote on the Committee. The Executive Committee may take any action not specifically reserved to the Board of Directors by the Solid Waste and Management Act, the Agency Agreement or the By-Laws.

The SWANCC Executive Committee generally meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 11:30 am. Executive Committee meetings are held at SWANCC’s office at 77 W. Hintz Road, Suite 200, Wheeling.

Those serving on the Executive Committee through April 30, 2020 include the following:

Ray Rummel, Manager, Village of Elk Grove Village

Karen Darch, President, Village of Barrington
Paul Hoefert, Trustee, Village of Mount Prospect
James Norris, Manager, Village of Hoffman Estates
Randall Recklaus, Manager, Village of Arlington Heights
John Thill, Trustee, Village of Morton Grove

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